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I've done many different writing projects in my career. Below are some of the genres and styles I've written in.

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I've had a long career in nonfiction television. My work has appeared on the Food Network, Animal Planet, Weather Channel, DIY Network, and Reelz. You can see many samples of my work on the Videos page.


I've written marketing scripts for the U.S. Army Cultural Center and more recently, scripts for Arbor Valley's social media (for Coco Media). My work for the U.S. Army (Tipping Point Solutions) earned the W3 Award in the Online Media Campaign category.


While much of the work I did while Director of Programming at Craftsy/Bluprint was overseeing the production of educational videos. I also have a background in this genre of writing as part of the Tipping Point Productions team.


This is the most recent form of writing I've undertaken. While many podcasts utilize an interview format because it allows for quick and easy editing, I prefer a storytelling format such as you might hear on NPR's This American Life. While this style of writing takes much more time, the rewards are more engaging content and human engagement. For an example of this style of work, see my Podcasts page.


My PowerPoint skills are on point! I love creating and delivering presentations. While I can't link to any of my job-related presentations here, if you are interested in some samples, please contact me and I'd be happy to share.


As an experienced writer, I've written an occasional blog post over the years. My most recent blog post can be found on the High Country Roses blog.


Most recently, I have written press releases for The Sloan app, a new app to help pay down student loans.


This is a skill I am currently learning. I am taking a UX Design certificate course from Google and will use that to learn the art and craft of UX Writing.


My screenwriting has landed me a development deal with an Acadamy Award-winning production company. One film I wrote won the Best Screenplay Award at the Boston Film Festival. Currently, I am writing and co-producing a sci-fi web series with a local director.


Okay, this one is on here just for fun. While I had some early success with short stories in college, I transitioned to screenwriting shortly thereafter. However, I've recently returned to the format am and writing a middle-grade novel just for my kids. My only goal is to finish before my kids are no longer kids!

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